What is B ONE Payment And what will happen

Q1 2019 Product Out
  • We are building a marketplace and a crypto payment APP.

  • We are working on an APP which can be easily used as a form of payment.

  • We have a pool for charity projects.

  • We will be looking for partners to our marketplace platform.

    We are currently looking for a Fiat solution / Creditcard backup.

  • Our end goal is to bring crypto out to the masses.
    We have 3 billion unbanked in the world and they should be able to buy and sell crypto or things with crypto in a way.

How it Works

We take a copy of all the holders of BitCoin ONE token when the countdown is done.

Which Wallet

You will need to have your BitCoin ONE tokens stored on Myetherwallet or Trust Wallet. Not Exchanges.

How many do I receive

If you have 1000 BitCoin ONE.
Do you receive 1000 B ONE Payment.

Can I buy B ONE Tokens

Not before the snapshot has been taken.
Only way is by buying BitCoin ONE


The Snapshot is being taken
in the ratio 1:1.

Coin Distribution

We will send out the B ONE Payment tokens for free, after the snapshot has been taken, expect some time.

We will update estimate launch Q2 2019
We had some delay what goes to development.

Watch this site for update only.


Click on the image to see contract.

Token Distribution

We Distribuate the tokens in the following way:
  • 47,6% Snapshot
  • 42,4% Developer Team
  • 10% Bounty & Marketing
  • 9.52% Charity

B ONE Payment Overview

Date: Snapshot is being taken on July 9 2018

Total token supply: 21.000.000 B1P
Circulation supply: 10.000.000 B1P

Exchange: Exchange after the snapshot has been taken

Can I buy B ONE Payment: Currently you will only receive
B1P for free in the snapshot if you have BitCoin ONE.

B One Payment is a product of BitCoin ONE.

We will send out tokens in the snapshot, but if we find out that some people have not been fair and cheated
in our contests and should not have received the tokens will they not be part of the snapshot.


Input your data here and we will contact you.